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Descending from the ancient Anasazi, the Hopi people (meaning “the peaceful ones”) gradually migrated from the Plateau lands to the southern finger-like tips of Black Mesa in present day northeastern Arizona.  Although the area was in use by the ancients for thousands of years, it was not until around A.D. 1200 that the first pueblos of Oraibi and Awatovi were established. By 1500 A.D. Hopi culture was fully formed and not unlike its present status. 

Then in 1540, with the arrival of the Spanish, the Hopi way of life was to be severely challenged and almost lost. 

In 1680, after the Pueblo Revolt and the expulsion of the Spanish invaders, the Hopi determined to defend themselves more effectively and moved many of their villages off the desert floor and onto the flat tops of the mesas.  It was at this time that Walpi came to be, situated on the southern tip of First Mesa.  Walpi, meaning “the place of the gap” has indeed stood in the gap of time remaining virtually the same as when it was first formed hundreds of years ago.  A village in the sky.