Fire Feathers

Limited Edition Print on Canvas

24″ x 24″ | $340

In principle, the Native Americans of the 19th century loved everything that fluttered in the wind.  He wore his hair long; his horse’s tail and mane were long; he loved hide fringes and colored ribbon; and he especially loved feathers.  Thus, the Indian warrior topped off his flowing well-groomed hair with a selection of breathtaking headdresses. 

This headdress, constructed of vibrant rooster hackles, eagle feathers, dyed horsehair, porcupine quills, and ermine skin pendants, was something of an oddity, but the beautiful fiery color and shimmering quality of its iridescent feathers must have been impressive when the bonnet was worn. 

As with other items, hair decorations were very personal and each man constructed his according to what he had seen in dreams or visions.  As such, they always had a religious significance, assisting him in the accomplishment of his goals by the employment of the most powerful helpers of the One-Above…birds.